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impact beyond borders

Impact Beyond Borders

On our platform, you find the best projects and initiatives. We jointly bring these opportunities with experts, business partners, and impact investors to support ideas and create collective value.

Our vision is to create a more inclusive society and sustainable economy for our countries and future generations. We are doing this by removing borders and creating an open and decentral collaboration ecosystem.

Be a Real Beyonder

We are introducing a global community currency called

Alternative funding solutions for community projects

Access resources, services and products

Share expertise and exchange value within the network

Reward supporters and make every engagement visible

Further Enhancing Trust in the Global Community

To create flexibility and ensure full transparency of all financial transactions, we are using TND-COIN.

TND-COIN is a stable currency piloted within the regulatory sandbox framework of Tunisian Central Bank.
TND-COINs are instantly transferrable, traceable and convertible into Tunisia Dinars and accounts holding TND-COIN can be managed in a decentral and collective way.

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